Mother Design: Amica logo redesign showcasing implied infinity loop for enduring relationships. Brand identity strategy for trusted U.S. insurance company.
Oct 6, 2023

Redefining insurance through empathy: a new approach to branding for national development.

Amica, a veteran of the U.S. insurance industry, wanted to expand its brand beyond the Northeast market, where gimmicks often overshadow real value. In collaboration with Mother Design, they focused on two main goals: awareness and development. The collaboration culminated in the creation of an identity system centered around “Empathy,” as summarized in the slogan “Empathy is our best policy.”

Key elements include a redesigned wordmark with a suggested infinity loop in the letter "A", symbolizing enduring relationships. The "turquoise thread" in the color palette differs from the industry-standard reds and blues, introducing modernity and diversity. Typography uses Amica Rhymes and Aperçu to emphasize design principles of clarity, accessibility and focus.

These changes positioned Amica as an aspiring alternative in a distrustful sector, emphasizing the brand's basic asset: empathy.

Mother Design: Teal-centric color palette in Amica branding. Modern, unique color scheme disrupting standard industry red and blue.
Mother Design: “Empathy is our best policy” tagline graphics. Rebranding Amica with focus on customer empathy in a distrusted insurance field.
Mother Design: Amica’s typographic selection featuring Amica Rhymes and Aperçu fonts. Clarity, Approachability, Focus in visual identity.
Mother Design: Amica insurance policies graphics — Home, Life, Boat, Renter’s. Long-standing US mutual insurer offering wide-ranging services.
Mother Design: Amica customer satisfaction stats visual. High-ranking in policyholder retention and customer service quality in the U.S.
Mother Design: Photography, Pictograms, and Iconography in Amica’s brand storytelling. Visual complexity for effective communication.
Mother Design: National growth strategy visuals for Amica. Aiming for broader U.S. market share beyond well-known northeastern base.
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