NOSIGNER: AUTORO Inc. cloud-based RPA service logo featuring cat's paw, emphasis on user-friendly automation solutions.
Oct 20, 2023

The Art of Simplifying Complex RPA Through Feline-Inspired Visual Identity and Intuitive Communication

AUTORO Inc. rebrands its cloud-based Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service to combat its intimidating image. The essence of the brand is encapsulated in the name "AUTORO," a blend of "Web Auto Robot" and "otoro"—a favored tuna cut among cats, signifying the brand's focus on user-friendliness.

The logo employs a cat’s paw, inspired by a Japanese saying about needing help in busy times, thereby underlining AUTORO’s role as a helpful tool for busy professionals. Its geometry is based on the cardioid curve, which complements the robotic nature and aligns with the Thousand-Armed Avalokitesvara, symbolizing multifaceted assistance and emphasizing accuracy, reliability, and friendliness.

Autoro-kun, the brand mascot, integrates a cat, a robot, and otoro sushi to extend the brand's narrative across multiple platforms. AUTORO succeeds in simplifying the complexities of RPA through intuitive nomenclature and strategic visual elements.

NOSIGNER: AUTORO visual identity, cat paw logo inspired by Japanese saying, designed for busy professionals needing automated assistance.
NOSIGNER: AUTORO logo geometry based on cardioid curve, aligns with robotic aspects and symbolizes reliability and friendliness.
NOSIGNER: AUTORO business cards featuring Autoro-kun mascot, consistent branding for simplifying RPA complexities.
NOSIGNER: AUTORO digital background, Autoro-kun icon for Zoom meetings, extends visual brand narrative in remote settings.
NOSIGNER: AUTORO service introduction video thumbnail, featuring Autoro-kun, targeted at demystifying cloud RPA for users.
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