Mucho TFG: South Africa's Fashion Retail Transformation
Oct 4, 2023

Bash: Creating a multi-channel TFG identity

In pursuit of omnichannel retail dominance, TFG, South Africa's leader in fashion and lifestyle retail, has embarked on a transformational journey. Their goal was to seamlessly integrate the extensive brand portfolio into a unified digital ecosystem.

Focusing on visual identity, we developed a process that meticulously combined the essence of the TFG brand, its heritage and market knowledge. Our goal was to provide a visually consistent and attractive presentation on a digital platform.

Beyond technology, the competitive landscape in which global giants are entering the market was also addressed.
The out-of-the-box approach combined strategic vision and visual innovation while protecting the TFG brand legacy.

The Bash project is a testament to TFG's commitment to redefining omnichannel retail in South Africa and beyond through a visually striking and consistent brand identity.

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