Here Design. Borde Hill garden rebranding: heritage, future vision, community connection.
Mar 15, 2024

eimagining Borde Hill: A Union of Heritage and Future Through Design

In a pivotal era for Borde Hill, a transformation was undertaken. This family-run English country garden, steeped in history, is embarking on a journey to become a cultural beacon and aspirational destination. The challenge was creating an identity that resonates with a diverse audience - from school children and local community growers to hospitality guests - while reflecting the estate's rich natural heritage and forward-looking vision.

The project's core aimed at connecting communities with the restorative power of nature, presenting a design that is both egalitarian and aspirational. This strategic initiative sought to encapsulate Borde Hill's essence, balancing its historical significance with a progressive outlook.

Through thoughtful design, the new identity bridges the past and the future, fostering a connection between individuals and the natural world. It underscores Borde Hill's role in community engagement and environmental appreciation, encapsulating its aspirations and natural legacy in a cohesive visual language.

Here Design. English country garden transformation into cultural destination visual identity.
Here Design. Design merging past and future, Borde Hill garden's natural heritage showcased.
Here Design. Community-focused Borde Hill identity: inclusivity in nature and culture.
Here Design. Borde Hill's aspirational journey visualized: garden's progressive identity design.
Here Design. Nature's restorative power in Borde Hill's new egalitarian brand identity.
Here Design. Connecting communities through Borde Hill garden's historical and future vision.
Here Design. Borde Hill's essence captured: A balance of natural legacy and aspirational goals.
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