OutOfPlace: Eco-friendly Borrow scheme launch, Bradford retail boost.
Feb 20, 2024

Sustainable Shopping Revolution: Borrow's Vibrant Brand Ignites Eco-Friendly Retail Transformation

In 2022, Green Street launched Borrow, a pioneering circular borrowing scheme aimed at infusing sustainability into the British retail and hospitality sector. This initiative, rooted in Bradford, stands as a beacon of innovation, funded by the Bring It Back Fund to offer reusable solutions that are not only accessible but also economically beneficial for both businesses and consumers. The core mission of Green Street, to foster greener high streets and prosperity, required a branding identity that mirrored the campaign's values while alleviating consumer apprehensions.

Addressing this need, a branding agency was commissioned to craft an identity encapsulating fun, positivity, and vibrancy. This was achieved by focusing on the scheme's advantages, steering clear of the prevalent environmental anxieties. The delivery phase was informed by extensive research, pinpointing essential features and campaign friction points, culminating in a visually engaging brand. Illustrated characters, each representing a borrowing process step—saving money, cleaning, scanning QR codes—were designed to evoke joy and excitement. These characters not only enrich the brand's storytelling but also offer dynamic potential for animation, further vivifying the brand experience.

Accompanying the illustrations, a playful primary typeface was chosen for its distinct personality, complemented by a secondary typeface ensuring clarity for instructional content. The color scheme, derived from Green Street's palette, fosters familiarity and trust among local businesses and users, while introducing a unique vibrancy to new audiences. The branding's flexibility was a paramount consideration, extending across various assets including signage, posters, social media, and a dedicated website. This holistic approach to Borrow's brand identity encapsulates the essence of the scheme—joyful engagement with sustainability, presenting a model for future initiatives in the sector.

OutOfPlace: Green Street initiative, sustainable shopping, UK innovation.
OutOfPlace: Circular borrowing scheme, consumer savings, green retail.
OutOfPlace: Joyful Borrow brand identity, vibrant illustrations, retail.
OutOfPlace: Sustainable living, reusable solutions, Borrow campaign.
OutOfPlace: Eco-conscious Borrow branding, playful typefaces, UK.
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