Super Studio Dashi Ramen logo design with Narutomaki 'D' for top SEO brand recognition.
Apr 8, 2024

Creating Dashi's Identity: A Nod to Tradition and Taste at Ramen Takeaway

The Dashi Ramen brand stands out with an inventive typographic approach, emphasizing transparency and instant recognition in the rapidly evolving takeaway industry.

A key element of Dashi's identity is the logo with a twist: the letter "D" artfully transforms into a Narutomaki spiral, paying homage to the traditional ramen ingredient, signifying authenticity and culinary prowess. This design choice not only captures the essence of Dashi's offering, but also infuses the brand with a dynamic, vibrant spirit, reflecting the vivid experience of enjoying ramen.

Adding a layer of ingenuity is the letter "S" in the logo, which is whimsically shaped like ramen noodles, emphasizing the restaurant's focus on ramen while also introducing a fun and memorable element. This clever detail improves brand recall, ensuring that Dashi is synonymous with both quality and creativity in customers' minds.

With these thoughtful design decisions, Super Studio has distilled the essence of Dashi Ramen into a visual identity that speaks of tradition, flavor and a bit of fun.

Super Studio typographic logo for Dashi, Narutomaki 'D' highlights culinary tradition.
Super Studio crafts playful 'S' noodle in Dashi Ramen's logo for brand uniqueness.
Super Studio's dynamic Dashi Ramen branding with Narutomaki 'D' for authenticity.
Super Studio designs Dashi Ramen logo, combining tradition with a modern twist.
Super Studio's Dashi Ramen identity: Narutomaki 'D' symbolizes vibrant culinary excellence.
Super Studio creates memorable Dashi Ramen logo with 'S' shaped as noodle for fun appeal.
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