Campbell Hay: Ikon brand transformation, quality office design, premium spaces SEO.
Mar 27, 2024

"Ikon's Brand Revolution: Crafting a Legacy of Quality, Collaboration, and Excellence"

Ikon has embarked on a transformation to establish a brand identity that resonates with its core values: quality, competence and collaboration. Their goal was to attract the attention of demanding customers who prioritize well-designed office spaces that reflect the ethos of their own brand.

The developed solution was deeply rooted in presenting Ikon as a reliable partner and collaborator. At the heart of the new identity is the strategic inclusion of the "+" sign. This symbol not only highlights Ikon's commitment to collaboration, but also highlights the brand's commitment to going above and beyond in every aspect of its work, from meticulous attention to detail to excellent craftsmanship and finish.

The art direction further sets Ikon apart by focusing on creating a sense of warmth and emphasizing the human element and intricate details, thus distinguishing the brand in a competitive market. Feedback from Ikon highlights the success of the rebranding effort, emphasizing the fluid nature of the partnership and shared joy in the creative process.

Led by Campbell Hay, the project revitalized the Ikon brand, reinforcing its core values of trust, quality and collaborative excellence, and setting a new benchmark in luxury office space.

Campbell Hay: Collaboration+sign in Ikon's new identity, top office design SEO.
Campbell Hay: Quality and competence focus, Ikon brand identity SEO highlights.
Campbell Hay: Ikon's trust and collaboration, premium office identity SEO.
Campbell Hay: Detail-oriented Ikon brand revamp, superior execution office design SEO.
Campbell Hay: Warmth in Ikon's art direction, unique office spaces SEO strategy.
Campbell Hay: Human element in Ikon's branding, distinguished office design SEO.
Campbell Hay: Ikon office spaces, excellence in collaboration and quality SEO.
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