EVERLAND Plant-based seafood innovation, Oh Là Là French culinary revolution.
Mar 12, 2024

“Oh Là Là: Pioneer of the Plant-Based Seafood Revolution with a French Twist.”

Oh Là Là is at the forefront of the culinary revolution, redefining seafood in a sustainable and plant-based way. Founded by visionaries François Blum and Simon Ferniot, the brand goes beyond the typical "plant-based" label and ventures into uncharted waters with algae-derived ingredients. The essence of Oh Là Là is not only an innovative approach to food, but also a commitment to combining taste with sustainability, aimed at captivating both the palate and the planet.

The brand's visual identity and positioning reflect this bold move - combining the elegance and sophistication of French cuisine with a forward-looking ethos of caring for the environment. The products, including brand positioning, communications platform, brand activation and visual identity, have been carefully crafted to highlight the essence of Oh Là Là: a delicious rebellion against the ordinary. Focusing on algae as a source of seafood flavors,

Oh Là Là doesn't just offer an alternative; presents a new standard, challenging prejudices and setting a benchmark for future plant-based ventures. The brand activation strategy cleverly weaves the sensual appeal of flavor with a compelling narrative of innovation and environmental stewardship, creating a multi-faceted experience that goes beyond the plate. At its core, Oh Là Là is a celebration of taste, innovation and sustainability, embodied in a brand that dares to dream and delivers with finesse.

EVERLAND Sustainable algae-based food, Oh Là Là's eco-friendly seafood alternative.
EVERLAND Oh Là Là blends taste with sustainability, pioneering plant-based seafood.
EVERLAND French elegance in Oh Là Là's visual identity, eco-conscious seafood alternative.
EVERLAND Oh Là Là's brand activation: a fusion of flavor, innovation, and environmental care.
EVERLAND Revolutionary algae-origin ingredients, Oh Là Là sets new plant-based standards.
EVERLAND Oh Là Là: French sophistication meets sustainability in plant-based seafood.
EVERLAND Captivating palate and planet, Oh Là Là leads in sustainable seafood alternatives.
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