Unbound Studio: Saluti Blood Orange bottle, vibrant Sicilian citrus design.
Jan 5, 2024

"Saluti Flavours: A Vibrant Symphony of Sicilian Citrus in Bottle Design"

Saluti Flavours, in collaboration with Studio Unbound, has redefined the sensory experience of citrus-inspired beverages. This case study delves into their strategic approach to brand, packaging, and visual identity, centered around their latest products: Blood Orange and Lime-Cello.

Rooted in the essence of Sicilian citrus, Saluti's new offerings encapsulate the vibrant spirit of the region. The iconic bottle, mirroring citrus skin's texture, now encapsulates the blood orange essence and the zesty tang of lime. This design not only cements the brand's iconic status but also promises a multi-sensory journey for consumers.

Studio Unbound's innovation shines in the unique tile designs for each flavor. The Lime-Cello bottle is adorned with a vivid green pattern, echoing the sharpness of limes, whereas the Blood Orange variant displays a striking mix of green and deep red, reflecting the fruit's intense color. This strategic design choice creates a harmonious product family, yet each variant stands out with its distinct personality.

A crucial element of authenticity is the neck label, reminiscent of fresh fruit stickers from local markets. This subtle nod to origin and quality underpins Saluti's dedication to excellence and authentic flavor representation.

In summary, Saluti Flavours and Studio Unbound have masterfully blended visual and sensory elements, drawing inspiration from the heart of Sicily to create a branding experience that resonates with the essence and vibrancy of its citrus heritage.

Unbound Studio: Lime-Cello flavor, green pattern, fresh Sicilian zest.
Unbound Studio: Unique citrus-inspired tile design, bold visual identity.
Unbound Studio: Saluti's sensory brand experience, Sicilian citrus essence.
Unbound Studio: Authentic Sicilian citrus, deep red and green hues.
Unbound Studio: Innovative packaging, Saluti's Sicilian flavor blend.
Unbound Studio: Saluti's citrus texture, iconic bottle design.
Unbound Studio: Fresh fruit label authenticity, Saluti brand excellence.
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