Kokoro & Moi: "Sofia Helsinki transformation, modern coworking space design, unique event venue identity."
Dec 14, 2023

Revitalizing Sofia: A Fusion of Heritage and Modernity in Visual Identity

Sofia, located in the historic Torikorttelit district of Helsinki, has undergone a transformation. The challenge was to increase its attractiveness as a coworking and event space, while maintaining its unique charm.

The essence of Sofia's new identity draws from her surroundings and the vibrant, friendly atmosphere she embodies. Key elements include bespoke typography that elegantly combines a century-old heritage with a modern sensibility. The Finland 100 Groteski and Finland 100 Antiikva typefaces combine contemporary style with traditional elegance, embodying Sofia's dual character. This duality extends to the logo, where flowing lettering meets bold sans serif, symbolizing Sofia's dynamic and approachable nature.

The most important assumptions of the project were inclusivity and accessibility. In a nod to Finland's centenary and the theme of "Together", the Finland's Faces illustration concept was presented, available free of charge to stakeholders. This initiative, combined with comprehensive guidelines, enables companies and organizations to align with Sofia's identity while maintaining their individuality.

The practicality of visual identification is reflected in its adaptability in various media. With a touch of graphic novel charm, the illustrations are versatile and look effortless on both large and small surfaces. They adapt to a variety of contexts, and an additional color palette inspired by the vibrant shades of Finland adds a layer of dynamism.

Sofia's digital presence was also carefully considered. Collaborating with Great Apes on the app embodies modernity and community engagement, reflecting a gradual move towards inclusivity. This digital tool not only reflects the historical evolution of Sofia, but also targets a diverse audience, sensitive to different needs and backgrounds.

To sum up, Sofia's new visual identity by Sofia is more than just an aesthetic improvement. It is a thoughtful combination of tradition and modernity, inclusivity and individuality, functionality and artistic expression, all harmoniously intertwined to reflect the spirit of Sofia and its community.

Kokoro & Moi: "Sofia's heritage revival, vibrant Helsinki district, dynamic coworking environment."
Kokoro & Moi: "Comprehensive Sofia identity, tradition-modernity blend, Helsinki community spirit."
Kokoro & Moi: "Bespoke typography in Sofia's branding, Helsinki's historic charm meets modernity."
Kokoro & Moi: "Finland 100 Groteski, Antiikva in Sofia's identity, dual character design elements."
Kokoro & Moi: "Inclusivity in Sofia's brand, 'Together' theme, accessible Finnish design."
Kokoro & Moi: "Sofia's adaptable visuals, graphic novel style, Finnish vibrant color palette."
Kokoro & Moi: "Sofia's digital presence, Great Apes app collaboration, inclusive community engagement."
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