fcklck studio: Stolp rebranding visual showcasing digital wellness start-up's new identity focused on healthy screen time management.
Oct 11, 2023

Navigating Digital Wellbeing Through Thoughtful Design and Strategic Messaging

Stolp's rebranding is a strategic pivot from alarmism to empowerment in the digital wellness space. Initially focused on the detrimental aspects of phone usage, the rebrand emphasizes the positive outcomes of reduced screen time. The new brand line, "Less pings + rings = more time for other things," invites users to identify what 'other things' matter to them, be it family or personal pursuits.

This narrative shift is further accentuated by design choices inspired by 'wayfinding.' Rather than just aesthetically pleasing elements, the calm color palette and sleek design function as a cognitive map for users. They assist in navigating a world increasingly overrun by digital distractions.

In summary, Stolp’s rebrand combines thoughtful messaging with coherent design, effectively transforming itself from a critic of digital excess to a guide for digital well-being.

fcklck studio: Stolp brand line visual: "Less pings + rings = more time for other things," highlighting lifestyle benefits.
fcklck studio: Stolp's design inspired by wayfinding concept, aiding in digital wellness and effective habit-building.
fcklck studio: Calming color palette and sleek product design embody Stolp's mission for healthier digital habits.
fcklck studio: Stolp rebrand dismisses screen time guilt, instead promotes empowering narrative for digital well-being.
fcklck studio: Stolp rebrand showcases strategic brand and communication overhaul, repositioning as a digital wellness guide.
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