Unincorporated company: a fresh identity for coffee innovation

Known for its rapid growth and unique approach to the coffee experience, the Unincorporated team embarked on a rebranding journey that required a delicate balance between innovation and continuity.

The overarching goal was to evolve the brand's identity without losing the essence that distinguishes it in the competitive coffee market. The redesigned logo reflects this balance, maintaining the brand's unconventional spirit while emphasizing its presence. Far from typical images of coffee, the logo stands out with its lively energy, symbolizing the company's dynamic approach.

The choice of typography reflects the brand's personality: worn, edgy and imperfect, reflecting the practical and passionate ethos of the team. This intentional imperfection in the font design complements the logo, reinforcing the brand's character and commitment to an authentic, engaging customer experience.

Incorporating animation into the logo adds a new dimension to the brand's narrative, using movement to convey the energy and emotion that Unincorporated coffee promises. This strategic design evolution ensures that each element of the brand's visual identity contributes to a consistent story of innovation, passion and uniqueness, distinguishing Unincorporated in the vibrant world of coffee.

Baby Giant Design: Dynamic Unincorporated logo for unique coffee experience.
Baby Giant Design: Edgy typography in Unincorporated coffee brand makeover.
Baby Giant Design: Unconventional Unincorporated coffee logo stands out.
Baby Giant Design: Unincorporated's animated logo adds energy to coffee branding.
Baby Giant Design: Fresh Unincorporated identity for coffee market innovation.
Baby Giant Design: Unincorporated coffee's dynamic, edgy brand evolution.
Baby Giant Design: Unique Unincorporated coffee branding, vibrant and lively.
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