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Mar 18, 2024

WALLBABY: Revolutionizing Home Decor with Bold Artistic Expression and Passionate Design

WALLBABY, a pioneering Swedish online poster company, emerges from the collaboration of Stockholm-based photographers with a shared love for art and interior design.

Tasked with distinguishing WALLBABY in a crowded market, SNASK embarked on crafting a brand identity that transcends mere decoration, advocating for posters that evoke true love and passion. The chosen name, WALLBABY, symbolizes the founders' affection for their creation and their mission to enrich homes with art that sparks emotion.

The brand's voice adopts a flirtatious, bold, and sassy persona, mirroring the allure of a perfect date. This tone aims to captivate the audience, celebrating beauty over function and igniting hearts with motifs designed to inspire.

The conceptualization of WALLBABY's visual identity focuses on the intimate connection between art and observer, creating scenarios where posters are the main protagonists in the tales of various art collectors. This approach yielded a vibrant collection of images and films, underpinned by the distinctive use of the Graúna typeface for its logotype and headlines, chosen for its bold yet tender qualities akin to inviting lips.

The brand's visual language is further defined by a custom typographic style, mimicking a poster's frame and shadow, and a vivid red palette that symbolizes love and passion. WALLBABY stands as a testament to art's power to transform spaces into realms of emotional depth and allure, inviting customers to forsake the mundane in pursuit of their heart's true desire.

SNASK Bold Wallbaby posters, evoke love, passion, Swedish design.
SNASK Wallbaby art posters, passionate Swedish design, home decor.
SNASK Unique Wallbaby posters, Swedish photographers, art collaboration.
SNASK Wallbaby visual identity, Graúna typeface, passionate design.
SNASK Wallbaby, bold typographic style, red palette, art posters.
SNASK Wallbaby, transform spaces, art passion, Swedish design posters.
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