Studio Mast's Wildist: Inspiring Creativity and Learning
Aug 17, 2023

Wildist: Cultivating Creativity and Connection

In the realm of outdoor photography, Alex Strohl's adventures served as the wellspring of inspiration. However, he aspired to embark on a different journey—one that would foster a community of like-minded creatives driven by learning, teaching, and creative evolution. This vision gave birth to Wildist. With the collaboration of fellow outdoor photographers, Alex envisioned a platform dedicated to personal growth and creative enrichment. Through a curated selection of workshops, classes, and an interactive online forum, Wildist empowers creatives to advance their careers while learning from elite photographers.

Wildist is more than just a website for workshops; it's a thriving ecosystem designed to cultivate enduring shared experiences. It opens doors to a world of world-class tools and instructors, enriching the creative journey of its members.

Formerly known as Strohl Works, Alex's initial venture revolved around producing classes independently. However, the desire to create a larger, more inclusive learning community led to the inception of Wildist. To realize this ambitious undertaking, Alex enlisted the support of friends and fellow professionals, forming a formidable team dedicated to building an expansive platform.

As Wildist transitioned away from its Strohl Works roots, Alex turned to Mast to help craft a brand identity that harmonized with Wildist's vision and overarching philosophy. Working closely with Alex and his team, Mast embarked on a creative journey of their own. The result: a bold, clean, and nature-inspired brand that not only complemented but also elevated the essence of Wildist's work.

Wildist by Studio Mast: Fostering Creative Growth
Studio Mast's Wildist: A Community for Creative Evolution
Wildist: Studio Mast's Platform for Creativity and Education
Wildist - Studio Mast's Hub for Creative Enrichment
Discover Wildist by Studio Mast: Where Creatives Thrive
Studio Mast Presents Wildist: Nurturing Creative Talent
Unlock Your Creative Potential with Wildist by Studio Mast
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