SUKI Amaru logo branding: Andean culture inspired restaurant identity.
Feb 6, 2024

Amaru: Reimagining Identity Through Andean Mythology and Historical Rebellion

Amaru Cafeteria & Restaurant represents a profound transformation from its predecessor, "L'Indià," to embody a new identity rooted in the rich tapestry of Andean culture and history. This evolution is inspired by Tupac Amaru II, the iconic Quechua leader of the largest independence movement against Spanish colonial rule in Peru, and the mythical Amaru, symbolizing renewal and transformation as a plumed serpent with wings. These elements serve as the cornerstone of Amaru's brand ethos, weaving a narrative of liberation and rebirth.

The establishment's visual identity and interior decor pay homage to this dual inspiration, featuring bespoke paintings that delve into the themes of colonization, coffee's role in the Americas, and the quest for freedom from European dominion. This artistic direction not only enriches the ambiance but also embeds a story of resilience and cultural pride within the dining experience.

To further distinguish between the culinary offerings of the cafeteria and restaurant, innovative menu designs have been introduced. These utilize distinct formats and materials that align with the brand's color scheme, supported on wooden bases for practicality and aesthetic coherence. The dynamic, easily updatable menu system reflects Amaru's commitment to adaptability and sustainability.

Complementing the thematic and visual aspects, the attire for staff is meticulously designed to resonate with the brand's narrative, under the rallying cry "I am 100% Amaru." This slogan encapsulates the essence of Amaru's identity— a celebration of heritage, defiance against oppression, and a commitment to transformation. Through thoughtful design and symbolic references, Amaru offers more than just a dining experience; it invites patrons into a story of cultural endurance and renewal, making it a beacon of inspiration and identity.

SUKI Amaru interior design: Thematic décor with Andean mythology paintings.
SUKI Amaru menu design: Innovative, sustainable menu formats in brand colors.
SUKI Amaru thematic paintings: Art reflecting liberation and South American history.
SUKI Amaru staff uniform: Custom attire echoing "I am 100% Amaru" slogan.
SUKI Amaru dining experience: Fusion of culinary art with historical rebellion.
SUKI Amaru visual identity: Brand ethos with Tupac Amaru II and mythical serpent.
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