Unified Brands - Earthwise Nourish redesign, organic shapes, natural personal care, brand identity, eco-friendly packaging.
Nov 29, 2023

"Earthwise Nourish: A Fresh Take on the Natural Personal Care Brand"

The revitalization of the Nourish brand focuses on capturing the essence of nature, moving away from the conventional photographic representation of ingredients. This strategic shift is a response to growing consumer awareness of natural ingredients and the growing demand for value in the face of rising costs of living.

The redesign is based on abstract, organic shapes symbolizing natural ingredients and fragrances. These shapes serve a dual purpose: providing a clean, sophisticated look while ensuring easy navigation through the product range. This approach marks a shift away from the clinical climate prevalent in the industry, leaning towards a more accessible and consistent identity with its parent brand, Earthwise.

The Nourish trademark has been subtly refined, shedding its clinical aura and giving it a softer, more natural look. This change increases compatibility with Earthwise, strengthening the overall brand identity. Putting the slogan "Nourished by Nature" on the packaging is a masterstroke. It works not only as a tagline, but also as a brand promise, encapsulating the essence of the brand's commitment to natural, nutritious ingredients. This phrase is more than just a slogan; is a concise summary of the brand's ethos and commitment to harnessing the purity and effectiveness of nature in personal care.

Overall, Earthwise's rebranding of Nourish is a thoughtful blend of aesthetics and functionality that aligns with the preferences of today's consumers while remaining true to its core values of naturalness and affordability.

Unified Brands - Nourish's abstract imagery, natural ingredients, Earthwise branding, clean design, sustainable personal care.
Unified Brands - Earthwise Nourish revamp, organic appeal, natural skincare, brand alignment, environmental consciousness.
Unified Brands - Nourish by Earthwise, abstract natural elements, brand refresh, eco-conscious design, personal care.
Unified Brands - Earthwise's Nourish, nature-inspired design, organic personal care, brand consistency, eco packaging.
Unified Brands - Nourish natural branding, Earthwise alignment, abstract organic shapes, clean aesthetics, eco-friendly.
Unified Brands - Nourish rebranding, Earthwise, natural ingredients symbolism, sustainable personal care, brand identity.
Unified Brands - Earthwise Nourish, organic design language, natural skincare products, brand cohesion, eco-conscious approach.
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