Matinee Studio Bemuse Drinks elegant bottle design for non-alcoholic sparkling mead.
Apr 23, 2024

Reviving Ancient Mead: Bemuse Drinks Redefines Non-Alcoholic Beverage Through Historical Inspiration and Modern Design

Bemuse Drinks stands at the forefront of non-alcoholic beverage innovation by modernizing the ancient beverage of mead. With a focus on naturally fermented, effervescent drinks featuring nuanced flavors, Bemuse blends tradition with contemporary tastes. The initiative to transition from canned drinks to elegantly bottled varieties such as Rosé and Brut underlines the brand’s dedication to upscale presentation, aligning the product alongside premium wines, Proseccos, and Champagnes.

The design process involved extensive research and creative experimentation, resulting in distinctive packaging that attracts consumers seeking sophisticated, flavorful alternatives to alcohol. Labels are adorned with elements evocative of nature and the drink's rich historical roots—utilizing honey, water, yeast, and natural flavor infusions reminiscent of the ingredients our ancestors cherished.

Inspiration for Bemuse’s unique flavors is drawn from traditional mead recipes, integrating hops, herbs, flowers, and spices harmonized with distinct artisan honeys. Each honey variant is chosen for its unique flavor profile and aroma, much like the selection process for fine wines dependent on grape and terroir. This careful curation ensures each bottle not only delivers a memorable taste experience but also showcases the best of British ingredients, making every sip a tribute to both heritage and craftsmanship.

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