Ufficio Studio. 1960s cinema inspired logo design, Art Deco, vibrant Italian culture.
Apr 11, 2024

Brand identity inspired by retro cinema: combining the Italian vibe of the 1960s with modern elegance

This branding project draws its main inspiration from the golden era of 1960s cinema. The creators tried to capture the essence of this period, characterized by the exuberant Italian spirit, lively conversations and captivating music reminiscent of Tarantella dance. At the heart of the visual identity is a contemporary Art Deco-inspired logo that skillfully combines diagonal lines to evoke movement and dynamism, reflecting the vibrant Italian lifestyle of the era.

The color scheme, a harmonious combination of orange-gold tones and rich green, was carefully taken from one of Sofia Loren's photographs, which depicts food and leisure - the main themes of the brand's identity. This choice not only pays homage to Loren's timeless elegance, but also gives the brand a warm, inviting palette that reflects the relaxed and joyful essence of Italian gatherings.

Further enriching the brand's identity, the designers introduced script typography referring to the titles of romantic films from the 1960s, adding a nostalgic and sophisticated character. The inclusion of frames and elements inspired by traditional Italian embroidery – reminiscent of Grandma's fabric napkins and folder decorations – introduces a tactile, feminine touch, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

This branding effort successfully combines the vibrant, vibrant Italian culture of the 1960s with a modern design sensibility, creating a timeless identity that resonates with audiences seeking warmth, nostalgia and elegance. Through the careful selection of images, typography and color, the creators captured the essence of the era, offering a brand experience that is both evocative and uniquely contemporary.

Ufficio Studio. Sofia Loren photo-inspired color palette, orange-gold, green tones.
Ufficio Studio. Brand identity with script typography, 1960s romantic movie titles style.
Ufficio Studio. Italian spirit in branding, Tarantella dance, lively conversations.
Ufficio Studio. Modern elegant branding, nostalgic 1960s Italian lifestyle homage.
Ufficio Studio. Warm inviting brand colors, Sofia Loren elegance, food and leisure.
Ufficio Studio. Diagonal lines in logo evoking dynamism, contemporary Art Deco style.
Ufficio Studio. Embroidery-inspired frames, feminine touch, traditional Italian craft.
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