S-T agency: Crafts Council 2022 rebrand visual identity. Focus on multi-channel membership, Crafts Magazine redesign.
Oct 3, 2023

Revitalizing Crafts Council: A Harmonic Convergence of Prestige, Tradition, and Modernity in Branding

The 2022 rebrand of the UK's Crafts Council fuses legacy with modernity, most notably in its multi-channel membership platform and the redesign of Crafts Magazine.

Typography inspired by classical crafts like calligraphy and stone carving conveys an elevated experience. This choice not only adds prestige but also resonates with the tactile essence of craftmaking.

The new logotype incorporates elements from Morris Troy, a 1892 typeface by craft pioneer William Morris. This serves as a bridge between historical roots and future aspirations, grounding the brand in a rich legacy while orienting it toward modernity.

An accompanying icon influenced by makers' marks acts as a stamp of authenticity. This distinctive element solidifies the brand's authority in the modern craft community.

The redesigned visual identity harmoniously blends tradition, authenticity, and contemporary relevance, offering a focal point for both history and modernity in the craft world.

S-T agency: Elevated typography inspired by calligraphy and stone carving, adding prestige to Crafts Council brand.
S-T agency: Morris Troy typeface in Crafts Council logo, linking to William Morris and historic craft traditions.
S-T agency: Icon influenced by makers' marks in Crafts Council identity, adding authenticity and authority.
S-T agency: Crafts Council branding balancing traditional craft values with contemporary design elements.
S-T agency: Premium experience in new Crafts Council visual identity, emphasizing tactile quality of craftmaking.
S-T agency: Visual identity of Crafts Council, an amalgamation of tradition, authenticity, and modern relevance.
S-T agency: Crafts Council brand as a focal point for both craft history and modern craft community engagement.
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