Pink Pony Creative. DoPaw logo design NZ pet brand identity.
Feb 9, 2024

DoPaw: A Vibrant Identity for Pet Lovers

In a collaborative effort, Pink Pony Creative and DoPaw unveiled a brand identity and packaging design that aims to capture the essence of pet companionship. This project aimed to create a brand that not only stands out on the market, but also encourages animal lovers to engage in social media.

The basis of the design are carefully drawn illustrations that add a playful charm to the brand's identity. With imaginative depictions of bones, steaks, and paw prints, each piece reflects a unique touch that resonates with its target audience.

Color plays a key role in this design, with a contrasting palette of deep and baby pinks with vibrant shades of orange and peach. These choices create a visual symphony that is both captivating and memorable, ensuring a lasting impression on consumers.

Overall, Pink Pony Creative's approach to DoPaw's brand identity and packaging design successfully embodies the joy and uniqueness of owning a pet. Through the strategic use of illustration and color, the brand stands out not only as a product, but also as a celebration of unforgettable moments shared between pets and their owners, making it instantly recognizable and easily shared on social media platforms.

Pink Pony Creative. Unique pet brand identity design by DoPaw NZ.
Pink Pony Creative. DoPaw brand creation for pet lovers New Zealand.
Pink Pony Creative. Innovative NZ pet branding DoPaw identity design.
Pink Pony Creative. DoPaw pet-friendly brand design New Zealand.
Pink Pony Creative. Creative pet brand DoPaw identity NZ design.
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