Saint Urbain: Premium Dog Hotel Yardstick Nashville; High-End Pet Boarding; Holistic Approach to Dog Care; Paradigm Shift in Pet Hospitality.
Sep 26, 2023

Yardstick: Reimagining Canine Luxury Through a Meticulously Curated Visual Identity

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Yardstick is more than just a pet hotel; is the archetype of high-class, personalized dog care. The name "Yardstick" serves two purposes: it provides a benchmark for quality pet services, while at the same time evoking a sense of homely luxury through elementary references to "yard" and "stick".

Yardstick's visual identity is designed to resonate with Millennial and Gen X dog parents. It features a custom, bold logo filled with subtle character elements. A solid yet inviting typeface seamlessly expresses the brand's personality. An additional contribution to the identity are non-standard shapes and framing mechanisms inspired by dog toys. Together, these design elements reinforce Yardstick's premium status while maintaining an inviting, friendly tone.

Essentially, Yardstick's visual identity encompasses its core offering: exceptional, stress-free care in an environment that combines comfort with luxury. It shows how meticulous design choices can result in an elevated and recognizable brand identity.

Saint Urbain: Yardstick Branding; Quality Touchstone for Dog Hotels; Name Strategy; Layered Meaning; Benchmark in Pet Services.
Saint Urbain: Custom Logo Design for Yardstick; Bold Typeface; Millennial and Gen X Dog Parents; Hospitable Sophistication in Visual Identity.
Saint Urbain: Yardstick’s Visual Elements; Custom Shapes Inspired by Dog Toys; Friendly Tone; Premium Pet Services in Nashville.
Saint Urbain: Yardstick Nashville; Suite-Only Dog Hotel; Stress-Free, Personalized Pet Care; Setting Standards in Quality Pet Services.
Saint Urbain: Yardstick Name Origins; Shortlisted Names like "Belly Rub" and "Toodles"; Emphasizes Comfort and Luxury for Dogs.
Saint Urbain: Yardstick's Brand Persona; Approachable Typeface; Custom Design; Vitality and Charm in Logo.
Saint Urbain: Yardstick's Visual Strategy; Reinforcing Premium Service; Captivating Brand Identity; Elevated Pet Hospitality.
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