FAENA Innovative Italian cuisine Pazzesca logo design Mexico City Juárez
Feb 29, 2024

Pazzesca: a visual identity that combines the essence of Italy with the vibrancy of Mexico

In Mexico's vibrant Juárez district, Pazzesca is a paragon of innovative Italian cuisine, masterfully combining tradition with the avant-garde. Its foundations, rooted in the passion and dreams of Lombardy founder Alan Niggeler, transcend geographical boundaries, bringing a piece of Italy to the heart of Mexico.

Pazzesca's visual identity is a bold testament to the pizzeria's founding ethos, featuring a dynamic logo that captures the pizzeria's spirit of adventure and culinary perfection. This logo, with its sharp angles and effervescent character, combined with a sophisticated palette of bright blues and fresh greens, conveys the restaurant's commitment to quality and an exciting dining experience.

Pazzesca's design strategy is characterized by clarity and elegance, using a thoughtful combination of condensed sans-serif fonts and contemporary serif fonts to ensure readability on all platforms. From pizza boxes to staff uniforms, every element of Pazzesca's visual identity is a conscious reflection of its mission to charm and connect with guests, offering an unforgettable journey through the flavors of Italy with a unique Mexican twist.

The choice of colors not only adds energy, but also demonstrates the high-quality organic ingredients that define the Pazzesca offering. This meticulous attention to detail in visual branding reinforces Pazzesca's position as a culinary destination where tradition meets innovation, inviting guests to discover the rich tapestry of flavors and experiences that lie within.

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