Reimagining École Supérieure de Design Villefontaine: A Cosmic Identity Shift

In 2012, the inception of DSAA courses at Lycée Léonard de Vinci in Villefontaine marked a pivotal moment. These specialized programs in interactive design and product design sought to carve a niche in the realm of audiovisual and design professions. Accompanying this educational venture was a distinctive visual identity crafted by Mahé Chemelle. Designed to accentuate the design section, it delved into typographic exploration, creating a language ahead of its time. Deciphering this visual code demanded an effort, immersing viewers in an offbeat universe, almost like an extraterrestrial outpost on another planet. Humorously, it alluded to its geographical proximity to Lyon, yet seemingly nestled in relative obscurity.

Fast forward to 2022, the evolving landscape of education, coupled with the challenges posed by the global health context, beckoned a reevaluation of the school's identity. "Pôle Supérieur de Design" metamorphosed into "École Supérieure de Design Villefontaine," a shift imbued with greater legitimacy, competitiveness, and distinctiveness. This transformation necessitated strategic considerations, where the design curriculum needed to stand out while retaining its connection to the broader educational milieu within the institution.

Visually, the previous logo had already achieved the crucial objectives of identification and demarcation. The arrow, extracted from the circumflex accent of "pole," served as a guiding beacon for all. However, its narrative potential remained largely untapped. This oversight became evident, especially considering the compelling storytelling established in 2012, epitomized by the memorable tagline "A degree from elsewhere."

Thus, a subtle evolution in identity was in order—an updated name and logo, while preserving the underlying narrative. Villefontaine now boldly embraces its otherworldly origins. Picture an invasion of alien students descending upon an alien landscape: the realm of Villefontaine!

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