PARKER STUDIO: Gwella brand refresh, Neue Montreal typeface for scientific appeal, Inferi elements for psychedelic community.
Oct 23, 2023

A Harmonious Blend of Science and Psychedelia: Reimagining Gwella’s Visual Identity to Elevate Community and Knowledge

Gwella's brand refresh serves as an intriguing case study in bridging seemingly disparate worlds: the rigorous scrutiny of science and the countercultural fringes of psychedelia. At the heart of this duality lies the revamped type system—Neue Montreal and Inferi harmonize, fusing the scientific with the whimsical, to encapsulate Gwella's complex ethos. Neue Montreal lends the brand a disciplined, intellectual gravitas, while Inferi adds playful nuances, capturing the 'trippy' aspect of the community.

But what truly sets Gwella apart is the introduction of the 'orb'—a graphic element designed as both an anchor and a muse. Informed by the idea of serenity and balance, the orb serves as a potent visual metaphor. It is a constant in various compositions, acting as the gravitational center that binds together the multiple facets of the brand. The orb takes on an additional role as a tertiary UX tool in hover states, subtly enhancing user interaction across digital platforms.

This reimagination successfully distills the essence of a community dedicated to exploring the intersections of science and psychedelia. It captures the fine balance between inquiry and mystique, formalism and freedom, offering a microdose of the brand's ethos across a myriad of physical and digital touchpoints.

PARKER STUDIO: Gwella visual identity, featuring orb graphic as focal point, enhancing brand serenity and balance.
PARKER STUDIO: Gwella social media posts, orb graphic incorporated for ease and slight psychedelic touch, part of new brand tools.
PARKER STUDIO: UX design for Gwella, orb graphic in hover states for digital platforms, blend of science and psychedelia.
PARKER STUDIO: Gwella podcast covers, orb element as visual anchor, extends brand’s multifaceted personality.
PARKER STUDIO: Gwella blog visuals, integration of orb for harmony, strengthens community focus on psychedelic support.
PARKER STUDIO: Gwella physical touchpoints, use of orb and Neue Montreal-Inferi type pairing for enriched brand experience.
PARKER STUDIO: Gwella digital touchpoints, orb as tertiary UX tool, unifies scientific and psychedelic elements of brand.
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