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Dec 11, 2023

Hometree: Nurturing Green Transitions with a Seamless, Affordable Touch.

In a landscape marked by the complex web of home services, Hometree emerges as a beacon of change, addressing the pressing issue of heating-induced greenhouse gas emissions. With a staggering 14% of the UK's emissions stemming from heating, Hometree steps forward as the Transition Companion—a guide for homeowners navigating the shift towards lower carbon living.

Understanding the Challenge: The home services industry often overwhelms homeowners with daunting choices in the quest for greener living. The shift from gas boilers to heat pumps, solar roofs, or hydrogen solutions poses significant challenges, both financially and practically. Hometree recognized this gap and approached the design process not only with new services but a vision for a brand that mirrors their commitment to a future where net zero homes are both seamless and affordable.

The Concept: Transition Companion: At the heart of the rebranding is the concept of 'Transition Companion.' This vision positions Hometree as the calm, reassuring ally, guiding homeowners through the intricate journey of adopting renewable energy solutions. The logo, featuring an interactive assistant named Maple, embodies the essence of partnership—a grounded yet dynamic force facilitating the transition to a greener lifestyle.

Visual Identity: Warmth, Relatability, and Environmental Harmony: Maple, crafted in the form of a tree, symbolizes growth and connectivity. It serves as a bridge, linking homeowners with their energy needs and guiding them toward sustainable choices. The imagery, combining energy-efficient hardware with cozy home scenes and approachable service providers, reinforces a sense of warmth and relatability. A carefully curated color palette of yellows and greens enhances the environmental connection, creating an identity that is not just functional but emotionally resonant.

Verbal Identity: Trust through Truth: Honesty, authority, and warmth define Hometree's verbal identity. The messaging exudes refreshing honesty, establishing an immediate connection with the audience. This distinctive communication style instills trust by presenting information with clarity and sincerity.

In summary, Hometree's rebranding goes beyond aesthetics—it encapsulates a commitment to simplifying the journey towards green living. By positioning itself as the Transition Companion, the brand becomes not just a service provider but a trusted partner, making the prospect of a sustainable, energy-efficient home both accessible and inviting.

How&How presents Hometree as the Transition Companion, your ally in adopting affordable and seamless net zero solutions.
Discover Maple, Hometree's interactive assistant, symbolizing growth and connectivity on your journey to a greener lifestyle.
How&How's design captures the essence of warmth and environmental harmony, linking energy needs with cozy, relatable home scenes.
Explore Hometree's verbal identity—honesty, authority, and warmth. Trust the truth in communication for a seamless green transition.
How&How's imagery blends energy-efficient hardware, approachable service providers, and a harmonious color palette for a visually appealing, sustainable identity.
Hometree, your guide to affordable green living. How&How's design reflects a commitment to making sustainability accessible.
Discover Hometree's rebranding—more than aesthetics, a pledge to simplify the journey to net zero homes. Your trusted partner in sustainable living.
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