HiRaw brand rebranding showcasing European Soft Freezing technology and raw pet food appeal.
Sep 21, 2023

HiRaw!'s rebrand captures the essence of raw pet food through an evocative visual language. "Raw for All"

HiRaw! stakes its claim in a cluttered market with a distinctive voice that blends technological sophistication with elemental rawness. The brand's custom MN Raw font stands out as a vital component, crafted to encapsulate the brand's complex character. It reflects the texture of mixed food, elevating the font from mere text to a visual manifesto.

The illustrations embrace an organic style, contrasting the often sterile imagery of the pet food industry. They don't just complement the brand's philosophy of "Raw for All," they embody it. By employing neutral color tones as a backdrop, the brand ensures that its vivid elements can shine, creating a balanced and authentic visual landscape.

HiRaw!'s rebrand isn't just a superficial change; it's a strategic overhaul. The design marries the company's tech-savvy background with a raw authenticity, appealing to consumers wary of processed options. It offers a holistic identity, robust yet elegantly raw—a masterclass in brand evolution.

HiRaw unique brand voice visualized through custom MN Raw font in pet food market.
Detailed view of MN Raw font capturing both technological sophistication and raw authenticity in pet food branding.
HiRaw illustrations displaying organic art direction in contrast to traditional pet food visuals.
Raw for All philosophy demonstrated through HiRaw's distinctive visual language in pet food industry.
HiRaw's minimalistic color scheme amplifying its raw, authentic brand personality.
HiRaw rebrand strategy aiming at market differentiation, focusing on both technology and rawness.
HiRaw branding case study, a synthesis of tech and raw simplicity, targeting health-conscious pet owners.
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