Jens Nilsson - Trendsetting Kaibosh eyewear rebrand, bold store design.
Nov 9, 2023

Kaibosh Eyewear: A Bold Rebrand with Custom Typography & Distinctive Design

Kaibosh's rebranding journey began with the realization that their brand's presence had veered towards the mundane, contradicting their essence as a dynamic, trendsetting eyewear label. The challenge was to reinvigorate their identity without discarding their established logotype. This transformation is encapsulated in the development of a custom display typeface named Sentrum, tailored specifically for their in-store experience and to embody their adventurous spirit.

The reinvention extended to the flagship store, where every element, from shelving to signage and murals, was meticulously curated to resonate with the brand's refreshed audacity.

The rebranding was not merely cosmetic; it signified a strategic pivot towards a more expressive persona. The 'eyelash' became a pivotal visual motif, representing the brand's keen eye for design and vision, doubling as a versatile graphic element across diverse applications.

This emblematic approach to branding was comprehensive, encompassing typeface, still life, and fashion photography, which Jens Nilsson expertly directed and captured, contributing to a cohesive narrative that has been lauded by industry critics. Kaibosh's bold step towards a more expressive and outgoing identity has set a benchmark in eyewear branding, blending functionality with creative flair.

Jens Nilsson - Innovative Sentrum typeface in Kaibosh rebranding visuals.
Jens Nilsson - Kaibosh's refreshed identity with custom eyewear typography.
Jens Nilsson - Eyelash motif, key to Kaibosh's expressive brand overhaul.
Jens Nilsson - Kaibosh flagship store design, embodying rebrand audacity.
Jens Nilsson - Distinctive Kaibosh signage, part of a strategic rebrand.
Jens Nilsson - Kaibosh's visual narrative captured in rebrand photography.
Jens Nilsson - Kaibosh eyewear's bold identity in fashion photography.
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