verland Vegan meat rebranding by La Vie, eco-friendly innovation, plant-based diet.
Apr 3, 2024

Revolutionizing Plant-Based Meat: La Vie's Bold Brand Universe and Irreverent Identity

La Vie stands as a formidable force in the plant-based meat industry, not merely as an alternative but as the new standard. This French scale-up is on a valiant mission to harmonize the palates of vegans and meat enthusiasts alike, proposing a product that necessitates no sacrifice. Their objective is twofold: to better the planet and to enhance human and animal welfare, presenting a solution that’s superior in every aspect.

The creation of La Vie’s brand universe is a testament to their ambition. They envisaged a branding that transcends the ordinary, characterized by a distinctive identity, a whimsical tone, and packaging that defies the norms of the category. Their collaboration with Lithuanian artist Egle Zvirblyte was pivotal in realizing this vision. Zvirblyte’s work—vibrant, bold, and slightly irreverent—perfectly embodies La Vie’s ethos. Her illustrations bring a warmth and edginess to the brand, making La Vie not just relatable and humorous but also a topic of conversation.

This partnership has birthed a visual language that challenges conventions and captures the essence of La Vie: a brand that’s rooted in sustainability and innovation, yet doesn’t take itself too seriously. Through their strategic use of visuals and messaging, La Vie positions itself as a pioneering choice for the environmentally conscious consumer, eager for taste without compromise. Their tagline, "Made From Grass, Not From Ass," encapsulates their bold, no-nonsense approach to redefining the meat industry.

Everland Plant-based meat packaging, bold visuals by Egle Zvirblyte, La Vie mission.
Everland Sustainable meat alternative, La Vie brand identity, eco-conscious choice.
 Everland La Vie’s brand universe, distinctive identity, plant-based meat revolution.
Everland Eco-friendly meat alternative, La Vie’s humorous approach, green living.
Everland La Vie collaboration with Egle Zvirblyte, vibrant plant-based meat packaging.
.Everland Innovative plant-based meat by La Vie, sustainable, eco-conscious design.
Everland La Vie plant-based meat, redefining industry, bold, irreverent branding.
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