Atlas Creative Studio: Magpies Branding Imagery
Oct 18, 2023

A Visual Identity Inspired by Culinary Curation

Magpies, a Charlotte, NC-based food brand specializing in single-serving hand pies with imaginative flavor combinations, presents a visual identity that encapsulates the essence of their culinary craft. This mother-daughter duo's commitment to exploring both traditional and global flavors while sourcing locally in Charlotte shines through their brand.

At the heart of Magpies' visual identity is the pairing of pie imagery with the iconic Magpie bird. The Magpie's habit of collecting shiny objects in their nests resonates with the careful curation of ingredients baked into each pie. This creative juxtaposition not only adds depth to the brand but also sparks intrigue.

The thought process behind the visual identity design involved contemplating the diverse shapes of pies and the tools used to craft them. The incorporation of these elements into the design underscores the brand's dedication to handcrafted, artisanal pies.

Magpies' secondary marks inject a burst of bold colors and playfulness into an industry often characterized by traditional aesthetics. Leveraging their hand pie niche and business age, the brand takes calculated risks with unconventional typography, abstract shapes, and secondary patterns. This strategic departure from conventionality fosters an engaging and memorable brand presence, inviting customers to indulge in the world of Magpies' delectable hand pies.

Atlas Creative Studio: Visual Identity for Magpies Brand
Atlas Creative Studio: Pie-themed Branding for Magpies
Atlas Creative Studio: Magpies' Culinary Visuals
Atlas Creative Studio: Magpie Bird-Inspired Brand Imagery
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Atlas Creative Studio: Unique Typography in Magpies Branding
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