Hey Studio: Livraria Lello interior, neo-Gothic architecture, Porto bookstore, vintage wooden design.
Oct 27, 2023

Capturing the Soul of Livraria Lello: A Masterstroke in Visual Brand Identity Rooted in Portuguese Tradition

Livraria Lello, one of the world’s oldest bookstores located in Porto, Portugal, has long captivated visitors with its stunning neo-Gothic architecture and intricate wooden interiors. The rebranding endeavor aimed to preserve this essence—converging heritage and modernity in an intellectually stimulating space.

The logo is a triumph in minimalism, yet profoundly reflective of the establishment's identity. It integrates the bookstore's initials "L.L." into an abstract representation of an open book. This dual symbolism serves to encapsulate Livraria Lello's commitment to literature and the cultivation of knowledge.

Color palette selection leans into the rich hues present in the bookstore itself. The dominant burgundy and gold draw inspiration from the ornate stained glass ceiling and carved woodwork, fusing physical and visual identities seamlessly.

The rebrand's insight emerges from the ethos that a bookstore is more than a commercial space—it is a sanctuary of thought. This perception informed design decisions, from the selection of heritage typography to the balancing act of modern aesthetics with vintage elements.

In summary, Livraria Lello’s visual rebrand is not just a tribute to its physical beauty, but an articulation of its role as a Portuguese cultural institution. It serves as a paragon of how meticulous design can succinctly capture the soul of a brand.

Hey Studio: Livraria Lello rebranding, minimalist logo, LL initials, open book symbol, iconic bookstore.
Hey Studio: Livraria Lello color palette, burgundy and gold hues, inspired by ornate stained glass, seamless visual identity.
Hey Studio: Livraria Lello summary, visual identity tribute, articulation of brand role, paragon of design capturing soul.
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