Herefor Studio: JOI plant milk brand eco-friendly glass jar. Focus on sustainable packaging and zero food waste.
Oct 26, 2023

JOI's Transformation: A Holistic Approach to Plant-Based Milk Through Sustainable and Joyful Rebranding

In a saturated marketplace teeming with eco-conscious food options, JOI (Just One Ingredient) distinguishes itself not just as a product, but as an ethos—a planet and people-friendly solution to conventional plant milk. JOI’s core innovation lies in its water-soluble formulation; unlike the store-bought variants which are 98% water, JOI maximizes utility by offering a concentrated product. The user merely needs to add water, serving a dual purpose of reducing both packaging waste and food spoilage. This tackles the sustainability angle head-on, eliminating extraneous elements and converging focus onto the brand's central narrative of eco-friendliness.

For the rebranding exercise, two main goals were accentuated: crystallizing JOI's sustainability narrative and injecting a sense of joy into its visual identity. Transitioning from plastic tubs to glass jars, and introducing the Oat Milk Powder in a fully compostable pouch, serve as tactile expressions of the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The visual elements echo the 'JOI-ful' essence—thus reiterating the brand's core concept while aligning the functional with the emotional.

In sum, the rebrand fortifies JOI's double-barreled approach—sustainability laced with joy. It successfully turns an otherwise utilitarian product into a lifestyle choice, carving out a unique space in a crowded eco-conscious market.

Herefor Studio: JOI rebranding visual elements. Emphasis on joy-infused design and eco-friendly narrative.
Herefor Studio: JOI concentrated plant milk formula. Highlights: water-soluble, reduce packaging waste, sustainability.
Herefor Studio: JOI's sustainability story branding. Core message of eco-friendliness and zero waste emphasized.
Herefor Studio: User adding water to JOI plant milk. Spotlight on customizable, shelf-stable product for eco-conscious consumer.
Herefor Studio: JOI lifestyle choice in crowded vegan market. Unique space combining utility and emotion in rebrand.
Herefor Studio: JOI's entire eco-friendly product line. Featuring glass jars and compostable pouch for sustainable living.
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