MOQO branding for Maison Poulet: green and beige colors, playful fonts, checkered pattern, Nugget mascot.
Jun 19, 2024

Maison Poulet: Elevating Chicken with Authenticity and Charm

Maison Poulet, a gourmet chicken shop in Kortrijk, aims to revalue chicken as a top-of-mind choice for food enthusiasts. Founders Jasmine and Mathias partnered with MOQO to create a brand that exudes happiness and quality in every aspect.

The branding revolves around the concept of "winged quality," reflecting authenticity with a modern twist. The brand manifesto and story emphasize expertise and passion for the craft, expressed through a warm, genuine narrative.

The visual identity features a sophisticated green and warm beige palette, combined with trendy, playful, and readable fonts. The old-school checkered pattern adds a distinctive touch, enhancing brand recognition. Central to the brand is Nugget, a charming, illustrated winged mascot, embodying the friendly and inviting nature of Maison Poulet.

MOQO visual identity for Maison Poulet: gourmet chicken shop, winged quality, sophisticated green, warm beige.
MOQO brand design for Maison Poulet: trendy fonts, authentic storytelling, checkered pattern, winged Nugget mascot.
MOQO created brand identity for Maison Poulet: Kortrijk chicken shop, warm narrative, classy green, beige palette.
MOQO visual branding for Maison Poulet: engaging fonts, checkered pattern, illustrated Nugget mascot, gourmet chicken.
MOQO brand strategy for Maison Poulet: sophisticated green, warm beige, playful fonts, charming Nugget mascot.
MOQO designed Maison Poulet branding: gourmet chicken, winged quality, checkered pattern, inviting visual identity.
MOQO Maison Poulet identity: Kortrijk chicken shop, trendy fonts, authentic brand story, Nugget mascot.
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