Justified Studio - Svea Solar brand rebranding, sustainable power shift, renewable energy innovation.
Nov 7, 2023

Svea Solar: an electrifying brand identity for a sustainable future

Svea Solar's transformation has moved away from green energy stereotypes, creating an identity that speaks as a lifestyle choice, not just an ethical one. The creative strategy was based on two paradigm shifts: a shift in perception aimed at redefining the aesthetics of green energy, and a shift in mindset aimed at changing society's relationship to power.

The developed visual system, focusing on the concept of "power", uses a palette of bright, electrifying colors juxtaposed with bold product images, combining creativity with technology.

This fresh visual narrative is consistently carried out in digital and physical spaces, avoiding stagnant tropes of sustainability. The brand's message is a call to action and join the global shift towards renewable energy, led by Svea Solar.

Since its launch in 2020, the repositioning has established Svea Solar not only as a market presence, but also as a global leader, synonymous with innovation and optimism in sustainable energy solutions.

The result is an identity that is not only visible, but also vibrant and compels consumers to easily incorporate sustainability into their lifestyle.

Justified Studio - Svea Solar green energy redefined, lifestyle sustainable energy, technology meets creativity.
Justified Studio - Svea Solar global leader, vibrant brand identity, innovative solar power solutions.
Justified Studio - Svea Solar energy sector transformation, renewable power, sustainable lifestyle choice.
Justified Studio - Svea Solar electric palette visual system, bold imagery, sustainable energy.
Justified Studio - Svea Solar creative strategy, power concept, technology and sustainability fusion.
Justified Studio - Svea Solar market presence, identity rejuvenation, leading renewable energy shift.
Justified Studio - Svea Solar optimistic tone, global power shift, sustainable energy aesthetics.
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