MOUTHWASH Studio Mesura brand evolution, creative architecture firm transformation.
Mar 28, 2024

"Mesura's Brand Evolution: Embodying Transformation in Architecture Through Unique Brand Identity and Digital Experience"

Mesura, a Barcelona-based architecture firm, embarked on a strategic brand evolution to reposition itself as a beacon of creativity and transformation in the architectural domain. This shift was fueled by the insight that architecture transcends the physicality of structures, influencing adjacent fields unexpectedly. By partnering with brand strategists, Mesura transformed from a traditional executional practice to a model of creative innovation.

The reimagined brand identity is anchored by a wordmark exuding quiet confidence, complemented by versatile typefaces poised for future brand development. This visual transformation is further distinguished by art direction and imagery that defy conventional architectural presentation norms, positioning Mesura as a unique voice in the industry.

The comprehensive rebranding extends to Mesura's digital presence, where the website redesign embodies the company's exploratory ethos. Instead of a linear navigation model, the website encourages a continual journey of discovery, connecting projects, resources, and editorial content in a seamless loop that sparks user curiosity.

This digital strategy effectively communicates Mesura's broadened service spectrum and creative process across various mediums, reinforcing the brand's commitment to innovation and its role as a catalyst for transformation. Through strategic branding and digital experience, Mesura now stands as a testament to the boundless potential of architecture to inspire and influence beyond its traditional scope.

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