Little Troop. Animated NIK mascot, playful branding identity.
Feb 26, 2024

Reviving Play and Magic in Branding: NIK's Bold, Animated Visual Identity

NIK, a New York-based studio known for its limited-edition, performative art objects, underwent a transformative rebranding led by LT, designed to encapsulate the essence of its innovative and playful spirit. Inspired by the "larger than life" ethos of Nik Bentel Studio's creations, the rebranding initiative introduced a visually striking identity that combines the boldness of 3D designs with the foundational simplicity required to accommodate the studio's dynamic portfolio. By drawing on vintage Italian typography — a homage to Nik’s heritage — LT developed a versatile "building blocks" approach, featuring a series of animated logos that inject life and movement into the brand.

Central to the new identity is a mascot that embodies NIK's core values of joy, graphic simplicity, and a nod to the tactile world of claymation, connecting the brand's present with the playful artistry of the past. This character, adaptable to various representations including "Evil Nik" for the studio's more daring ventures, symbolizes the endless possibilities and the magic behind NIK's projects.

The choice of Optima Pro as the primary typeface reinforces the brand's commitment to clarity and simplicity, while ROM, a secondary typeface, draws inspiration from the conceptual art movements of the mid-20th century, adding a layer of historical depth and generosity to the brand's visual language.

Embracing the concept of infinity, NIK's identity reflects the studio's boundless creativity and its capacity to surprise and enchant. This is further exemplified in the design of the studio's website, which not only highlights each project's unique characteristics but also integrates a seamless shopping experience, inviting visitors to fully immerse themselves in the world of NIK. The rebranding journey, rooted in deep discovery and the studio's self-perception as "visual comedians" and "magicians," successfully captures the essence of NIK’s magical, playful, and endlessly innovative spirit.

Little Troop. NIK bold 3D design, vintage Italian typography.
Little Troop. Optima Pro font, NIK visual identity clarity.
Little Troop. NIK brand mascot, claymation-inspired character.
Little Troop. Animated logo series, NIK creative branding.
Little Troop. NIK endless creativity, infinity concept visual.
Little Troop. ROM typeface, NIK branding conceptual art nod.
Little Troop. NIK website design, seamless shopping experience.
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