Koto's Vision: Misfits Protein Bars, Where Health Meets Flavor Explosion
Jul 26, 2023

Misfits Protein Bars: A Playful Blend of Health and Indulgence

Misfits protein bars redefine the protein bar category by delivering both health benefits and delicious taste. The brand's essence is a harmonious blend of health and indulgence, embodied through its visual identity, color palette, and messaging.

Misfits' color palette strikes a balance between cool-toned pops of color and natural chocolate brown tones. This extensive color story allows for versatile application across all flavors while emphasizing the bars' inventive taste.

The brand's tone of voice embraces the duality of Misfits' offerings. It caters to both health-conscious consumers and those seeking a delightful snack experience. This unique approach distinguishes Misfits in the market, positioning it as a bridge between health and snack food.

Typography plays a vital role in conveying Misfits' identity. The bold and indulgent typographic style, complemented by the soft gooeyness of GT Maru, reinforces the brand's non-conformist nature. Two slightly contradictory typefaces (Noi Grotesk and Brice) used for headlines further emphasize Misfits' distinctive character.

In terms of art direction, Misfits' visuals mirror the energy of its color palette. The backgrounds remain simple, allowing the subjects to be expressive, playful, and slightly quirky. This approach captures the essence of Misfits' brand personality, making it stand out in the protein bar market.

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