EIGA: Biobrush eco-friendly toothbrush design. Sustainable bioplastic from wood waste. Modern wordmark and tree symbol.
May 21, 2024

Eco-modern Visual Identity for Biodegradable Toothbrush Biobrush

The Biobrush brand identity focuses on showcasing its eco-friendly innovation: a toothbrush crafted from bioplastic made from wood waste. This unique feature is central to the brand's narrative, and the design aims to make this value visible. The modern wordmark, combined with a versatile symbol, creates a distinctive visual identity. The symbol, which can be positioned freely, resembles a small tree or a splash of freshwater, reflecting both the raw material and the purity of the product.

Design elements introduce variety and freshness, with each product color associated with a visual reminiscent of plant shoots. This choice reinforces the connection to nature and sustainability. The brushes are produced using wood residues from sustainable local forestry, ensuring short delivery routes and reduced CO2 emissions. This environmentally conscious production process is a key aspect of the brand's identity, communicated through its visual elements.

Additionally, the product and packaging are 96% biodegradable, emphasizing Biobrush’s commitment to reducing environmental impact. This is further highlighted in the Special Edition brushes, which are molded from differently colored granulate leftovers from production runs. The resulting random color gradients make each piece unique, and this uniqueness is celebrated through particularly colorful outer packaging.

Overall, Biobrush’s design strategy effectively communicates its sustainability ethos and innovative approach. The combination of modern aesthetics with nature-inspired elements creates a cohesive and compelling brand identity that underscores its mission to provide eco-friendly oral care solutions. The visual identity not only captures the essence of the product but also aligns with contemporary consumer values of sustainability and individuality.

EIGA: Biobrush branding. Biodegradable toothbrushes with plant-inspired colors. Eco-friendly packaging. Sustainability focus.
EIGA: Biobrush visual identity. Bioplastic toothbrushes from wood waste. Short delivery routes, low CO2. Eco-modern design.
EIGA: Biobrush packaging design. 96% biodegradable materials. Special Edition brushes with unique color gradients. Sustainability.
EIGA: Biobrush eco branding. Wood residue bioplastic. Fresh, plant-inspired visuals. Environmentally conscious production.
EIGA: Biobrush identity. Modern wordmark, tree symbol. Bioplastic from sustainable forestry. Low carbon footprint.
EIGA: Biobrush design. Unique, colorful Special Edition packaging. Bioplastic toothbrushes. Focus on environmental impact.
EIGA: Biobrush design. Unique, colorful Special Edition packaging. Bioplastic toothbrushes. Focus on environmental impact.
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