Gretel NY Transforms Mode's Data-Driven Vision
Aug 7, 2023

Shaping a Dynamic Identity for the Future of Business Intelligence

Mode, led by visionary founders who harnessed the transformative potential of data, embarked on a journey to democratize business intelligence. Their mission was to make data accessible to a broader spectrum of users within the realm of modern data-driven organizations.

To achieve this, Mode sought to redefine its identity, extending its reach from data analysts to the vast enterprise market. The essence of Mode's identity lies in its independent spirit, technical prowess, and approachability, both as a company and a platform.

At the heart of the new identity is the concept of "shifting modes." This dynamic system employs an analogous green color palette, a variable typeface complemented by robust fonts, and a versatile graphic language characterized by modular shapes. These elements enable Mode to seamlessly transition between exploratory and analytical expressions. Notably, the logo itself embodies this dynamism, drawing inspiration from the variable typeface WT Zaft² by WiseType.

The revamped identity extends to the platform's visual aesthetics, infusing it with a more engaging and personal touch. Additionally, a unique approach to visualizing tools in communications and marketing was developed, harmonizing with the branded system.

Strategically, Mode's brand positioning reflects optimism for a new era of business intelligence. It underscores a profound commitment to simplifying data, rendering it quick and actionable. The brand's voice is crafted to demystify the power of data and Mode's product offerings, redefining data analysis as accessible and creative, departing from its traditional image as dry and complex. In essence, Mode's dynamic identity paves the way for a future where data is a universal tool, and insights are within reach for all.

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