Landor: MYOM brand design featuring eco-conscious packaging and dynamic typography. "More Taste, Less Waste."
Jun 11, 2024

MYOM's Sustainable Design: A Compact Yet Expansive Visual Identity

MYOM's branding encapsulates the essence of their 88% oat-based concentrate with the mantra "More Taste, Less Waste." This philosophy is vividly brought to life through their eco-conscious packaging and kinetic typography, which mimics the fluidity and transformative nature of milk.

The design system is both compact and expansive, reflecting the product's versatility and environmental commitment. Dynamic typography and animations enhance brand storytelling, making each element a visual metaphor for the product’s compactness and full-bodied nature.

This approach not only reduced CO2 emissions and waste but also resonated with customers, achieving significant sales and growth within the first five months. The dual-toned brand identity, with minimal ink usage, underscores MYOM’s dedication to sustainability and impactful design.

Landor: MYOM's 88% oat-based concentrate with kinetic typography, highlighting sustainability and minimal ink use.
Landor: Compact, expansive design for MYOM, showcasing fluid animations and transformative packaging.
Landor: MYOM's brand identity with dual-toned typography, emphasizing reduced CO2 emissions and waste.
Landor: Sustainable MYOM branding with versatile design, eco-pouches, and kinetic milk-inspired typography.
Landor: MYOM's impactful design system with minimal ink usage, dynamic animations, and compact packaging.
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