OlssønBarbieri: Organic juice branding by Tessas Eplegård, eco-friendly packaging, nature-inspired design.
Apr 16, 2024

Tessas Eplegård: Pioneering Ecological Harmony in Norwegian Orchard Branding

Tessas Eplegård in Hardanger, Norway, redefines organic agriculture by intertwining the complex relationships within its ecosystem into its brand identity. Founders Tessa and Ander, leveraging their backgrounds in biology, resist conventional pesticide-heavy farming, opting instead for an approach that respects and supports the native flora and fauna. This ethos is encapsulated in their motto "Hello friends, we come in peace," emphasizing coexistence rather than conflict with nature.

The brand's visual identity mirrors this philosophy, with packaging that celebrates the once considered "enemies" of orchards—birds, insects, and diseases—acknowledging their essential roles in a balanced ecosystem. The design features illustrations of birds on apple tree branches, engaging consumers with the narrative of nature as an ally. The products, starting with three varieties of apple juice named after birds like "Dompap," utilize eco-friendly packaging. Each juice variety uses a unified 3-liter bag-in-box design with a distinct, color-coded label system that not only aids in differentiation but also reduces plastic use by incorporating a glue-free, integrated handle.

This approach not only positions Tessas Eplegård as a steward of the environment but also as a leader in sustainable branding, inviting consumers to rethink their relationship with nature through the simple act of enjoying apple juice. The project showcases how design can bridge historical agricultural practices and forward-thinking ecological stewardship, making Tessas Eplegård a beacon of innovation in the organic farming sector.

OlssønBarbieri: Tessas Eplegård apple juice, eco packaging, sustainable agriculture in Norway.
OlssønBarbieri: Norway organic farming, Tessas Eplegård, biodiversity, eco-friendly juice branding.
OlssønBarbieri: Tessas Eplegård organic juice, bird-themed labels, sustainable farming practices.
OlssønBarbieri: Eco-conscious juice packaging, Tessas Eplegård, integrates biodiversity and agriculture.
OlssønBarbieri: Sustainable branding Tessas Eplegård, Norway organic apple juice, bird conservation.
OlssønBarbieri: Tessas Eplegård juice packaging, environmentally friendly, supports local wildlife.
OlssønBarbieri: Organic apple juice Norway, Tessas Eplegård, bird-friendly agriculture, sustainable design.
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