Plus Minus Australian pie shop Berlin branding, vibrant logo design.
Feb 27, 2024

Revitalizing Berlin's culinary scene: Nice Pies' playful brand identity

In the heart of Berlin, the creators of Nice Pies discovered a gap in the culinary landscape. This gap led the team to import the cherished Australian pastry tradition into their premises, aiming to serve both in-store and through delivery to bars. A fresh and vibrant brand identity was carefully crafted to make this venture a reality.

The essence of the Nice Pies brand is embodied in a fun and playful demeanor, seamlessly integrated with a clean, modern aesthetic. This duality not only reflects the brand's mission to offer delicious Australian cakes, but also communicates a sense of reliability and freshness, appealing to a wide audience in Berlin. Marcus Mainz's photography plays a key role in this identity, capturing the essence of the cakes and the spirit of the brand in a visually appealing way.

The design process was deeply rooted in creating an identity that resonates with the joy and casual sophistication of enjoying Australian cake. The choice of colors, logo design and overall visual language was dictated by the need to stand out in Berlin's diverse culinary scene, while maintaining an accessible and enjoyable brand experience. This strategic branding venture aims to make Nice Pies not just a food option, but an unforgettable part of Berlin's culinary culture.

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