REF Swedish brand identity by Kurppa Hosk, focus on simplicity and nature in hair care market.
Sep 20, 2023

In a saturated global hair care market, Swedish brand REF rises through an identity rooted in minimalism, sustainability and the Swedish ethos.

Navigating a crowded global hair care market demands an identity with resonance. Swedish brand REF, steeped in a legacy of simplicity and conscious living, took this challenge head-on. With the expertise of agency Kurppa Hosk, REF's identity now shines through minimalistic elements: a refined word mark, slim typography, and an earthy color palette that not only pleases the eye but also aids product navigation.

The brand's online presence is equally articulate. A responsive website adopts an editorial feel, deftly echoing REF's core tenets of simplicity, nature, and consciousness without overwhelming the visitor.

Since its 2016 launch, the rejuvenated identity has found success in both Scandinavia and the competitive U.S. market, establishing these regions as springboards for global growth. The project exemplifies how a nuanced understanding of a brand's intrinsic qualities can translate into a compelling and effective market presence.

REF hair care challenges FMCG giants, Swedish design elements for unique brand identity.
Kurppa Hosk rejuvenates REF brand, using organic ingredients and quality as pillars.
REF's minimalist logo and typography by Kurppa Hosk, emphasis on earthy color palette.
REF packaging design for easy navigation, aligning with quality and organic focus.
New website by Kurppa Hosk for REF brand, editorial style aligned with brand values.
REF gains traction in Scandinavia and U.S., post 2016 brand identity revamp.
REF digital presence, emphasis on simplicity, nature, and consciousness in hair care.
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