Accompany: "Sustainable Living Sydney - Eco-Friendly Digital Platform by Accompany"
Nov 15, 2023

"Round and Round: Digital Catalyst for Sustainable Living in Sydney"

Round and Round is an innovative digital platform created by Accompany to solve the growing problem of waste and consumption in Sydney, Australia. The platform is a response to the environmental crisis and aims to change consumer habits and waste management practices.

Its design reflects a deep commitment to environmental friendliness, characterized by a visual identity infused with colors inspired by nature and a logo symbolizing the never-ending cycle of sustainability.

The essence of the Round and Round project is its role as a driving force for social change towards sustainable living. It not only provides knowledge and resources, but also inspires and motivates Sydneysiders to make more environmentally responsible choices in their everyday lives.

The platform's user-friendly interface is designed to engage users, making the concept of sustainability accessible and actionable.

The platform is a testament to the potential of digital solutions to influence behavior and promote environmental awareness. It serves as tangible evidence of Accompany's commitment to creating work that positively impacts the future, highlighting the key role that digital platforms can play in shaping social norms and driving significant change in environmental management.

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