Studio Oker: Field Brand Architecture - European geodata innovation, merger-based brand unification, green smart solutions.
Oct 9, 2023

Field's Visual Identity: Bridging Natural Elements and Data-Driven Technology in Geo-Spatial Solutions

Field emerges as a European leader in geodata, born from merging various tech entities. The challenge lay in creating a unified identity that reflects its mission for greener, safer, and smarter solutions.

Field's color scheme melds natural elements with tech sophistication. The bright, nature-inspired palette harmonizes the brand's tech-driven focus with organic layers, achieving both aesthetic and philosophical coherence.

The visual identity is designed for immediate recognition, echoing Field’s operational precision. From car fleets to drones, the straightforward design ensures adaptability across diverse applications.

The website employs a strict grid, handling imagery of various scales to offer a dynamic user experience. It seamlessly conveys complex geospatial data in an intuitive manner.

Field's branding succeeds in merging data-driven technology with natural elements, creating a mature, balanced brand poised to empower tomorrow's builders.

Studio Oker: Field Color Palette - Nature-inspired colors, tech sophistication, harmonizing brand identity, aesthetic balance.
Studio Oker: Field Visual Simplicity - Structured design, immediate recognition, diverse applications from drones to signage.
Studio Oker: Field Operational Precision - Practicality in visual identity, analytical rigor, brand versatility.
Studio Oker: Field Data Visualization - Complex geospatial data, intuitive interface, comprehensive scope.
Studio Oker: Field Brand Success - Data-driven, nature-accented aesthetics, balanced mature brand.
Studio Oker: Field Empowering Builders - Ready for tomorrow, greener, safer, smarter geospatial solutions.
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