Landscape view of Sharebite's brand transformation. Reimagine your brand identity with Sharebite, the food platform for high-performance teams. Elevate your company culture and well-being.
Oct 17, 2023

Celebrating Shared Meals and Purposeful Giving

Sharebite, a food ordering platform for high-performance teams, underwent a brand transformation to celebrate shared meals and purposeful giving. In an era of remote work, Sharebite recognizes the importance of shared meals for employee well-being and company culture. Every meal ordered equals a meal donated.

The refreshed brand identity features a custom symbol and wordmark, a vibrant color palette, candid photography, and playful illustrations. The inspiration behind this transformation lies in the belief that food can bridge distances and create lasting connections, combined with a strong commitment to social impact.

Sharebite's new identity embodies culinary excellence, social responsibility, and the power of food to nurture both bodies and spirits, regardless of location.

Sharebite's brand revival: Connecting through food. Embrace a colorful and optimistic identity. Satisfy cravings and make a difference.
Sharebite's fresh brand look. Nourishing high-performance teams with purposeful meals. Celebrate connection through food.
Sharebite's brand journey: A feast for high-performance teams. Fueling your culture with shared meals and purpose.
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