Pentagram redesigns Studio Theatre's visual identity, showcasing illuminated letters, bold yellow palette, and utilitarian typography.
Jun 12, 2024

The dynamic identity of the studio theater reflects its creative and industrial spirit

Pentagram's redesigned Studio Theater visual identity reflects its "made in DC" culture and creative ambitions. The type-driven identity pays homage to the theater's industrial past with utilitarian typography, featuring a template-free version of AType by Matt Willey. A striking palette of yellow, black and white creates a dramatic presence in the 14th Street corridor.

The exterior features 6-foot-tall illuminated letters and a vertical blade sign, improving visibility and evoking the building's history. Inside, environmental graphics and murals combine type, color and patterns, integrating identity with architecture. Two large-format murals used visual materials from the Studio's archives, including stage directions and descriptions of scenography from previous performances, as well as collages of photos from the production. Wall-mounted letters mark each theater and public space, reflecting the dimensionality of the marquee. This bold new look not only modernizes the space, but also reinforces the Studio Theater's role as a vibrant, community-focused arts center, engaging audiences with socially relevant and bold performances.

Pentagram's new identity for Studio Theatre features 6-foot-tall letters, vertical blade sign, striking yellow, and historical references.
Pentagram revamps Studio Theatre with a type-driven identity, bright yellow, black, and white palette, enhancing street visibility.
Pentagram's Studio Theatre redesign includes environmental graphics, murals with archival materials, and bold architectural integration.
Pentagram creates a dramatic presence for Studio Theatre using illuminated letters, vibrant colors, and utilitarian typography.
Pentagram's redesign of Studio Theatre blends type, color, and patterns, creating a vibrant and engaging community space.
Pentagram enhances Studio Theatre's visibility with large-scale illuminated letters and a bold yellow, black, and white color scheme.
Pentagram integrates archival materials in Studio Theatre's murals, reflecting its creative and industrial spirit through bold design.
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