Studio Outline: Custom wordmark showcasing sculptural elegance, tactile design for The Corner Suite spa rebrand.
Jun 6, 2024

The Corner Suite: A Harmonious Blend of Art, Nature, and Medical Excellence

In the rebranding of The Corner Suite, a spa in Savannah, Georgia, the essence of a nourishing retreat was paramount. The project focused on the founder’s vision of a high-touch, low-pretension space. Emphasizing nature and fine art, subtle hints of the spa's medical credentials were seamlessly integrated.

The custom wordmark, akin to a sculptor’s meticulous touch, embodies tactile, sculptural elegance and organic fluidity. This adaptability mirrors the spa's dynamic interiors, constantly evolving with new artworks and furnishings.

Drawing inspiration from the Rod of Asclepius, the brand emblem symbolizes the fusion of medical precision and artistic sensibility. The brand language promotes a restorative ambiance, presenting The Corner Suite as a sanctuary where science and serenity coexist.

Social media templates extend this identity, featuring serene, ethereal visuals that capture the spa's curated ethos, enhancing its presence and appeal across digital platforms.

Studio Outline: Rod of Asclepius-inspired brand emblem, merging medical precision with artistic flair.
Studio Outline: Serene, ethereal social media templates, enhancing The Corner Suite's digital presence.
Studio Outline: Nature and fine art emphasis in spa interiors, evolving artworks and furnishings.
Studio Outline: Restorative brand language, positioning The Corner Suite as a science-serenity sanctuary.
Studio Outline: High-touch, low-pretension spa rebrand, focusing on nourishing retreat concept.
Studio Outline: Dynamic, adaptive design reflecting The Corner Suite's evolving aesthetic.
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