Studio Herrstrom: Toward's luxury fashion responsibility framework. High-end sustainability, social responsibility in fashion.
Oct 10, 2023

Toward: Recasting Luxury Fashion with Social and Environmental Responsibility

The identity of Toward is a striking confluence of ethical profundity and luxury aesthetics, presenting a new model for high-end retail in the realms of fashion and beauty. Stemming from meticulous research into social and environmental accountability within the luxury sector, Toward serves as a curator of brands that pass a stringent vetting process for responsibility. The brand fundamentally opposes the stereotype that sustainability is antithetical to luxury.

Toward’s visual identity eschews the conventional "greenwashed" motifs commonly seen in businesses that claim environmental friendliness. Instead, Toward boldly aims to occupy the same echelon as top-tier fashion retailers while subtly weaving in cues of sustainability and social accountability. This aspirational positioning is strategic, devised to influence systemic change in high-end consumer habits.

The resulting brand guidelines showcase a graphic design approach that balances simplicity with impact. The emblematic logo comprises two distinct shapes that, when united, signify a robust and hopeful future. This motif becomes the lynchpin of partnership, granting each brand under Toward's umbrella the capability to grow responsibly.

Studio Herrstrom: Ana Kannan, CEO of Toward, shaping ethical luxury fashion. Strategy for brand transformation.
Studio Herrstrom: Toward avoiding greenwashing, redefining sustainable luxury retail. Unique design approach.
Studio Herrstrom: Toward brand guidelines. Simple, impactful graphic design for ethical high-end fashion.
Studio Herrstrom: Toward logo symbolism. Two entities pointing to a robust future in responsible luxury fashion.
Studio Herrstrom: Vetted brands under Toward. Social, environmental, ethical standards in luxury fashion.
Studio Herrstrom: Toward's ongoing advisory and creative direction. Consistent brand identity in ethical luxury.
Studio Herrstrom: Toward, marrying elegance with ethics. Redefining paradigms in luxury fashion and beauty.
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