Auge Designe: "Tirrena pasta visual identity by Frescobaldi. Tuscan heritage, premium packaging, ancient grains."
Dec 1, 2023

"Tirrena Pasta: Fusion of Tuscan land and sea in visual identification"

Frescobaldi, a legacy of 30 generations of Italian agriculture, now presents Tirrena, a high-quality pasta symbolizing the essence of Tuscany.

When creating Tirrena's identity, inspiration was drawn from the unique landscape of Tuscany. The name "Tirrena" itself pays homage to the region's historical roots, referring to the ancient Etruscans, known as Tirreni, and the Tyrrhenian Sea, which borders Tuscany. This choice of nomenclature reflects the essence of the brand - a product born from the combination of land and sea.

The packaging design further strengthens this connection. The dominant color is pastel blue, reminiscent of the Tyrrhenian Sea, creating an immediate visual reference to the Tuscan coast. The product window on the packaging is a creative masterpiece - thanks to blind embossing, it imitates wheat fields in Tuscany, swaying under the sea breeze. This design not only provides a tactile experience, but also visually tells the story of the origins of pasta.

Moreover, the use of copper foil accents in the packaging design subtly refers to the Tuscan land, emphasizing the luxurious nature of the product. This selection of materials and colors weaves together the story of Tirrena pasta - a product deeply rooted in the soil and culture of Tuscany. Thanks to these elements, the brand expresses its motto: Tirrena is not just pasta; it is the best expression of the Tuscan territory, a combination of land and sea, history and culinary excellence.

Auge Designe: "Frescobaldi's Tirrena, authentic Tuscan pasta. Blue packaging, sea-inspired design."
Auge Designe: "Italian excellence in Tirrena pasta by Frescobaldi. Land-sea fusion, Tuscan narrative."
Auge Designe: "Tirrena pasta, Frescobaldi's Tuscan tradition. Premium, visually-rich packaging design."
Auge Designe: "Frescobaldi's Tirrena: Gourmet pasta, Tuscan roots. Sea breeze embossed packaging."
Auge Designe: "Tirrena by Frescobaldi, evoking Tuscan coast. Authentic, ancient grain pasta packaging."
uge Designe: "Luxury pasta Tirrena, Frescobaldi's Tuscan creation. Copper foil, premium design elements."
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