Pentagram's Keel Labs: Sustainable Textile Revolution
Aug 16, 2023

Keel Labs: Navigating Sustainable Textile Innovation

Keel Labs, a visionary sustainable materials company, is charting a course towards a revolutionary transformation of the textile industry. In collaboration with Pentagram, Keel Labs has embarked on a comprehensive rebranding journey that encompasses a name change from AlgiKnit and introduces Kelsun—an extraordinary seaweed-based yarn designed to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of textile production.

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Morrisville, North Carolina, Keel Labs boldly confronts the textile industry's challenges by tapping into the immense potential of aquatic ecosystems. Today, many textiles rely on petroleum-based materials, exacerbating our dependence on finite fossil fuels. Even natural fibers often demand substantial water usage, pesticides, and sometimes harmful chemicals during cultivation and production. In stark contrast, Kelsun draws its strength from kelp, a remarkably regenerative form of algae. Kelp not only boasts impressive regrowth capabilities but also acts as a rapid carbon dioxide absorber. This dual role contributes to cleaner marine environments and enhanced ecosystems.

Given the monumental mission Keel Labs has undertaken, a dynamic and enduring brand identity was essential. The name "Keel" evokes a strong connection to the sea, symbolizing the delicate balance between the ocean and a ship's forward momentum. It encapsulates the company's commitment to textile innovation and sustainability on a global scale.

Tessa Callaghan, Keel Labs' co-founder and CEO, elaborates, "The name Keel Labs encompasses our vision of ever-expanding horizons, of our commitment to innovation and opportunity. Our work begins with fiber, but our responsibility does not end there. We are building a future in which sustainable materials harness the power of our oceans to span industries and applications, repairing humanity's relationship with our natural ecosystems."

The Kelsun identity revolves around a captivating "spun K" symbol that seamlessly integrates the letter with a knitting loop. This logo can be ingeniously multiplied into dynamic graphic patterns, evoking imagery of flourishing kelp forests or intricate fabric weaves. The customized "K" bridges the gap between Keel Labs and its transformative products. Designed to be versatile, it can be scaled, reproduced on various surfaces, and serves as the foundation for an expanding range of sustainable materials.

The visual elements of the brand celebrate the inherent beauty of the natural environment, a constant source of inspiration for Keel's innovative work. The brand showcases original photography of kelp plants and the intricate processes that transform them into yarn, immersing visitors in a captivating visual narrative on the Keel Labs website. Keel Labs is steering the course towards a more sustainable and harmonious future in textiles, making waves in the industry with their innovative solutions and dedication to our planet's well-being.

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